VDI Societies

About 12,000 experts from science, industry and public administration are engaged in more than 600 VDI committees. They all work on an honorary and non-profit-making basis.

The vast expertise of our members is our most valuable resource

The vast expertise of our members is our most valuable resource


About 150,000 engineers and natural scientists are members of the VDI Association of German Engineers, one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe. That is 150,000 times expertise and profound knowledge as well as 150,000 times passion, committment and responsibility. Our members share their technological knowledge with others for the general good. A really extraordinary network.


We bring experts together for interdisciplinary dialogues. As a disseminator of technological knowledge, we make exciting and interesting developments public and bring the next generation closer to technology. In a wide range of projects, we promote young people’s interest in technical careers and help them make initial contacts with the professional world of engineers. At the national and international level, VDI supports interdisciplinary co-operations between the fields of industry, business, society, engineers and its members.



(Picture: Thomas Ernsting/ LAIF)

VDI - The Association of German Engineers

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